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Yellow-rumped Warblers were observed on 4 d in the milking parlor following 2 d (9 and 10 October 2009) of unseasonable cold weather when mean daily temperatures were -6.1[degrees]C and -4.5[degrees]C, respectively, and daily maximum temperatures reached only -3.4[degrees]C and -2.6[degrees]C, respectively (Table 1).
London: Britain was hit by unseasonable spring blizzards that left hundreds of people stuck in their cars overnight and disrupted Eurostar services to the continent Tuesday.
An unseasonable October snowstorm has barrelled up the US East Coast, causing at least three deaths and cutting power to more than two million households.
The output is expected to be about 30.5 million bales as arrivals are low as compared to last season due to unseasonable rains, said Textile Secretary Rita Menno told PTI.
Temperatures will continue to rise during the rest of the week, reaching unseasonable degrees.
STRAWBERRIES and cream, unseasonable weather and much cheering on Henman Hill, just as the light begins to fail...
Summary: Unseasonable Droughts Lead to Dwindling Crop Supplies
The recent soggy weather and unseasonable temperatures have perhaps put a damper on that cheery message, usually called out from kid to kid or scrawled into yearbooks as lockers slam, the sun blazes warmly onto dutiful yellow buses, and sneakered feet dash full-speed into the lazy days ahead.
British Car Auctions report that dealers are bidding with unseasonable enthusiasm, and even problem cars like 4x4s and Merc S-Classes are finding buyers.
However, following unseasonable amounts of rain clerk of the course James Armstrong was left with no option and Monday's meeting is also in the balance.
TODAY'S meeting at Sedgefield is subject to the course passing an inspection at 7.30am with the unseasonable spell of wintry weather continuing.
Climate change may also be playing a part in the disease's spread, with unseasonable rains creating open sunlit pools of water in cleared areas, which provide an ideal nursery for mosquito larvae.