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1 -- 2) Beachgoers, above, hit the water south of the Redondo Beach Pier to escape the heat Sunday as unseasonably warm weather hit the Southland for the second straight day.
We don't know about winter yet but hot southerly winds are keeping temperatures unseasonably high.
Eleanor Crompton of Exeter Met Office, said: 'It has been unseasonably warm for this time of year.
It was also unseasonably mild, with temperatures of 14 degrees centigrade, six degrees higher than normal for now.
With unseasonably warm weather continuing to dampen demand, the output of utilities bounced back only 0.
The El Ninoistas also attribute the unseasonably balmy Northeast fall to the warm waters off Mexico.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Unseasonably warmer weather slowed retail sales in the Midwest and East Coast as consumers spent modestly, delaying cold weather apparel purchases.
Market conditions -- including unseasonably warm weather and above-average storage inventory -- continue to affect natural gas pricing.
PRIMARK has shown it is not immune from the chill blowing through the retail sector after trading was hit by the unseasonably warm autumn.
Summary: Those still hoping for a white Christmas are set to be disappointed as unseasonably warm temperatures are forecast for the big day.
On top of the showers, unseasonably strong winds are set to blow away any memories of the recent hot spell.
She was also inspired by Los Angeles, where unseasonably warm winters only made her yearn for snowy Canada and, as she sings in the song, for ``a river I could skate away on.