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These strengths are balanced against downside risks to the bank's asset quality, owing to high credit concentrations combined with a relatively unseasoned financing book, following a rapid growth over the recent years.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Timber plank, soft wood unseasoned, clean finished sawed, size of 2200 mm to 2400 Mm length, 150 mm width and 20 mm thickness (1 mm tolerance allowed) name of wood : lambu/seris/kadam
Praised by Saarinen as “facile with pen and pencil,” Hood readily hired the unseasoned Adams, employing him on a variety of private and commercial projects ranging from Rockefeller Center and the New York Daily News building to automobile concept drawings.
unseasoned loan growth from its SME financing subsidiary Gulf Finance
For instance, they might sample five suppliers' unseasoned ground beef patties cooked medium-rare by one of his chefs.
15 ( ANI ): Traders in Amritsar,Punjab, state said on Thursday that the export of tomatoes to Pakistan has gone down by 50 percent due to rising prices and unseasoned rainfall in India.
Add some unseasoned cooked red lentils to your spaghetti sauce or chili or stew, or your purged sweet potato, butternut squash, or carrots.
With the youngsters too unseasoned at this stage to anticipate the extra effort they will be asked to give on this particular part of the Heath, much can be read, however, in their demeanour as they return to base.
The public can come to value and buy their chosen type of firewood, be it hard or softwood, seasoned or kilndried in an open marketplace instead of relying on individual private suppliers that often supply a green, unseasoned and unsuitable product that does not burn efficiently or cost effectively," he said.
The stand-alone credit profile (SACP) of VEB is assessed at "bb-", reflecting uncertainty in its medium-term financial plans due to dependence on the government's policy, as well as asset quality concerns related to its rising and unseasoned portfolio of credits provided to risky projects, S&P said.
Then I suffered a main course of over-peppered sirloin steak (cooked beyond my rare instructions) and "sauteed" potatoes that have obviously been sitting in the kitchen all day before being deep fried in old oil, unseasoned and sprinkled with a speck of parsley.
But the green beans were cold, unseasoned and had had all the life cooked out of them.