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Abbott went to particularly great lengths to unseat Davis, dumping around a quarter million of his own dollars on the race.
The Unseat campaign by Momentum targets what they describe as "many seniorTorieswith tiny majorities" by holding rallies and campaign training in their constituencies.
Besides, he said, Anyone who wants to unseat me would have to get the gift from 13 senators.
The bead unseat test method adopted into the FMVSS 109 standard was accepted as the most repeatable laboratory test available for determining whether a tire was likely to stay on the rim.
Navy chaplain and a gay San Diego businessman, is trying to unseat powerful Republican congressman Duncan Hunter in California's 52nd district.
In New Jersey's Seventh, Democrat Linda Stender, an anti-war candidate, is trying to unseat Republican Mike Ferguson.
Associate Justice Tom Parker, who acted as Moore's spokesman during the Ten Commandments fight, failed in his effort to unseat Chief Justice Drayton Nabers Jr.
It would be ironic if the efforts made trying to unseat him caused "the Bush economy" to rebound.
Workers from Venezuela's state-owned oil company, among them computer specialists, engineers, even public relations experts, walked out in December in a bid to unseat President Hugo Chavez.
Yet the show and the books to come seem unlikely to unseat any of the well-known icons of the Ferret oeuvre from their positions of prominence, or promote many of the new discoveries.
In its various attempts over the years to unseat rival Microsoft, Corel Corp.
The day did not get any better for Bellamy as two races later he brought McCabe Creek with a strong-looking run approaching the second-last only for his mount to run out on the wrong side of the rail into the hurdle and unseat him.