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Trent, with his suddenly pallid face and unseeing eyes, seemed a little out of place in such a scene of pleasure.
Hamilton Fynes, this mysterious person who had succeeded, indeed, in making a record journey, was leaning back in the corner of his seat, his arms folded, his head drooping a little, but his eyes still fixed in that unseeing stare.
With unseeing eyes he walked across Trafalgar Square and made his way to his club in Pall Mall.
She was sitting now with her hands clasped and her head thrown back, looking up at the stars with unseeing eyes.
She clung to him, unable to release herself, and he sat, half supporting her in his arms, as he gazed with unseeing eyes at the blur of the great city across the bay.
The Ancient Mariner dreamed back into the steward's eyes with a blank, unseeing gaze.
Not a word is spoken; the populous depths of the forest still murmur with their unseen and unseeing swarm, but all along the fringe there is silence absolute.
Her lips snapped together, and she fixed an unseeing stare across to where the afternoon sun was beginning to glow into sunset.
Her slow unseeing glance wandered all over the room.
He looked upon the sea with indifferent, unseeing eyes.
she asked, ere it came to her that his eyes were unseeing and that he was in delirium.
It was that, more than the shock of surprise of Lady Wetherby's news, that had sent him striding along the State Road at the rate of five miles an hour, staring before him with unseeing eyes.