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His eyes roved over my face unseeingly. His tiny hands were clenched and he seemed too weak to move them.''
These people rush to their destinations unseeingly, unheedingly; if they register each other at all, it is only as objects to avoid or move in tandem with in the crush of onward movement.
Ultimately, there was such a loss that her family felt there was little recognizable correspondence between the "loving mother, grandmother, and community member" she was years ago and the "crooked, drooling, incontinent being" who now looked out "unseeingly," and responded only with grunts when she was moved for her routine hygiene.
I too feel a shrinking sensation when some poor wretch stands up in the middle of the car, takes a deep breath and announces his determination not to rob or steal to get the $14 he needs for a hot meal and a room, as passengers stare unseeingly at their newspapers or look stonily off into space.
Benjamin wrote to Scholem that "the angels--new ones each moment in innumerable bands--are created so that after they have sung their hymn before God, they cease and dissolve into the naught." Scholem related this idea to the cabalistic tradition of the personal angel who is one's secret self yet whose very name remains unknown to one, an angel indeed less one's guardian (as in current American moonshine) than essentially opposed to the self, even working against the interests of the self, and so the veritable aura, the double able to gaze back upon us precisely because we unseeingly gaze at it.