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Foreign billionaires might scrabble for trophies - at ANY price - but we should be pleased to have a team whose search for success, while just as real, is not as unseemly.
For too many people, it seems, well, unseemly to ask for money for the church.
Many landlords however see its drab storefronts and the unseemly crowd it attracts as neighborhood fixtures poised to give way to a long overdue revitalization.
could also put the brakes on its unseemly participation in the global arms trade and take a more imaginative role in containing the international small arms trade.
The Dikler is glad to report the ceremony went by without a hitch, although unseemly hilarity broke out among some of the congregation when it was revealed that Rishi glories in the middle name of Rodney.
Recurrent competition among specialties (and hospitals) for larger stipends is commonplace and unseemly.
For example, the use of the phrase "unseemly proximity," as in, "Cardinal Mahony's career is marked by unseemly proximity to several men like [alleged abuser Fr.
It may be unseemly to hire a journalist, but it is not illegal.
This account rightly includes bloodthirsty warriors, many ghastly deaths, and some unseemly behavior.
These unseemly bidding wars for the latest Keanu Reeves epic production, however, can't fix the real reason for the recent downturn in business, the rising Canadian dollar in relation to the American greenback, nor do they do a wit of good for the struggling indigenous filmmaker.
Francis Ravenscroft said that he believed the release of the two books was unseemly and distasteful.
But the last thing football needs is any repeat of the last two clashes at Old Trafford which have seen FA charges and recriminations follow fouls, an unseemly melee and an alleged tunnel incident.