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The ECP then forbade Khan from using unseemly language during his campaigning, to which Awan agreed and also submitted a written statement on behalf of the PTI chairman to abide by the ECP's orders.
A JUDGE has expressed his hope that a dispute over where the remains of King Richard III should be reburied will be settled without the need for an "unseemly, undignified and unedifying" legal tussle.
By delaying a requirement that all large employers provide health insurance, the Obama administration heads off the unseemly spectacle of companies vowing to cut jobs or workers' hours to avoid the costly mandate.
In Lizzy's Tale, I reveal through Elizabeth Colburn, his wife, the unseemly background that led to his death.
But it's rather unseemly that the world knows about your naughty business and if you are trying to reproduce.
One would have hoped that a profession, which had nearly brought the country to its knees with its unseemly greed, would want to show some contrition.
But their relationship soured after Dr Hewitt's family voiced concern over his "unseemly haste" to marry her and over lies they uncovered about his past.
Shopkeepers board up their premises and cars are hurriedly parked elsewhere as the "players" engage in an unseemly brawl that travels up hill and down dale, and often across a cold stream too.
The match had simmered throughout, and an unseemly melee broke out on the final whistle which may lead to further investigation by the league's authorities when the referee's report is submitted.
Even in Vegas, home of the unseemly union, a good taco-joint-slash-noodle-house is hard to find.
It was an unseemly sight but not as stomach-churning as the image of Stella and Les making whoopee.
Summary: ALKHOBAR: More than 100 overweight women in the Eastern Province city of Alkhobar have taken a vow to stop their unseemly eating habits after declaring a war on their voluminous physiques, Al-Madinah daily reported on Monday.