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To explain the increase in the acetic acid productivity in contrast to the decrease in the unselective products, the roles of the active components on the Mo-V-Nb/TiO2 catalyst should be roughly understood.
Therefore, if Turkey's foreign policy is to remain efficient, it should consider re-establishing diplomatic channels with all regional actors and an unselective support of rightful demands.
This is essential to science and technology development policies that at times perceive technologies as value-free and thus their uncritical and unselective import and use as unproblematic.
Unselective justice was and will remain our priority and we are also going to continue our resolute and unselective crackdown on crime," Gruevski said.
a) is a "business" in that it sells goods and extends privileges in exchange for annual membership dues; (b) is a "public" business in that it solicits and recruits dues-paying members based on unselective criteria; and (c) is a public business "facility" in that it conducts its activities at fixed and mobile sites within the State of Minnesota.
If part of these foreign vessels are fishing in the context of formal agreements, a large number of vessels also fish under opaque conditions, often not complying with the legislation in force in African waters, --including existing legislation for the protection of the artisanal fishing zone--, using highly destructive and unselective methods.
Studies have shown that high hunting quotas can actually increase the problems associated with the presence of mountain lions, due to how unselective kills wreak havoc within the knotty cougar social order.
How else to explain that the EU--so far--prefers the unselective punitive action of collective punishment on the entire population/s (e.
Hence, unselective (theophylline) and adenosine A1-receptor selective antagonists have been used to prevent CIN with some reported positive outcomes [50, 51].
Copping and Hewitt (1998) conclude that phenolics have no target specificity and act upon highly unselective objects might be resulting into a threat to many environmental factors and ultimately humans.
Selective versus unselective romantic desire: Not all reciprocity is created equal.
Established real-time amplification techniques usually employ unselective intercalating dyes or target-specific fluorescently labeled oligonucleotides (3-5).