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This study joins a growing body of works seeking to re evaluate Romanticism, and to dispel tenacious myths which link its solipsism with unselfconsciousness, and hence relegate it to the second division of a literary league in which works characterized by irony and self reflexivity are championed.
You feel so dumbfounded by the whole experience that you lose your unselfconsciousness and it takes a while to recover from that.
Finally, "Love's unselfconsciousness. At a time when women never unbound their hair in public Mary wiped Christ's feet with her hair"
10) Unable to view Greek materials with the unselfconsciousness of Pound or H.
Much to the contrary, Wang and his camera drop so imperceptibly into the background of their environs that the on-camera subjects effuse an unselfconsciousness that is all but forgotten in the age of reality TV.
For example, in his description of the (inadvertent) murder of Arthur Wiatte and the (foiled) attempt on Clarice (whom he mistakes for Eugenia Lorimer, Wiatte's twin), Clithero insists upon both the unselfconsciousness of his deeds and their inevitability.
Chusid's fetishization of unselfconsciousness raises a number of questions, too, chief among them the difficulty of assessing an artist's psychology and intentions.
They chat with disarming unselfconsciousness about their amorous instincts, recalling their days as youthful casanovas or confessing to still being turned on by a piece of passing skirt.
547); (c) experiences felt during studying (one question each for IM, happiness, satisfaction with work, concentration, and unselfconsciousness) using the Experience Sampling Method (ESM); and (d) scholastic achievement with end-of-year GPA.
In this instance, the position of unselfconsciousness becomes that of adulthood, thus shifting the value of the two poles, depriving them of their power to work as opposites.
It is necessary to stress the unselfconsciousness of these white modern subjects concerning their own cultural domain.
Equally remarkable was their total unselfconsciousness in allowing me to overhear them.