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Stephen Ireland gave Steve Staunton's men a seventh-minute lead, blasting home from point-blank range after Robbie Keane unselfishly stepped over the ball.
Making the citation, PAFA Chairman Barry Turner said, "David is a stalwart of the industry who has continuously and unselfishly contributed through his enormous wealth of knowledge of environmental impacts and international legislation.
To see all this taking place in Cardiff Bay demonstrated a happy and constructive spirit on the part of participants and witnesses alike and contributed hugely and unselfishly to a really joyful event.
I hoped they would remember the thousands of Americans who died fighting wars on their behalf, not to mention the tens of thousands who did not come home all in one piece, and the many billions of dollars spent for war, which we gave unselfishly.
When Dane Williams broke clear four minutes before the break he unselfishly fed top scorer Craig Steins to fire home Merthyr's second.
Ours is not a culture of confrontation; whereas feedback, given unselfishly and lovingly and received with a trusting heart, helps to shed light on the blindspots of our selves.
But to hear Vanderplas tell it, he plays only a small role along with a great many attorneys who unselfishly donate their time and effort to helping those who are most in need of legal assistance.
said, "I would like to express the Port Authority's appreciation to the staff members of the 10 large construction companies who unselfishly volunteered as mentors, sharing their acumen and expertise with the seven smaller companies.
For example, tenets of how to give unselfishly and for universal benefit are discussed--one such tenet cautions against storing unneeded goods rather than freely giving them, as the guilt to disburse the goods will eventually cause one to impulsively give to those who may not be in need, rather than see that the goods are given to those who need them most.
Paul David's side lost 3-2 after surrendering a 12th minute lead when Stephen Kenworthy squared the ball unselfishly from a one-on-one with the goalkeeper for Phil Lindley to slot home.
She has unselfishly served the association in a variety of positions on the local, state and division levels and has provided distinguished leadership as president of the Georgia MTA and mentor to all subsequent state presidents.