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At that institution I got my first taste of what it meant to live a life of unselfishness, my first knowledge of the fact that the happiest individuals are those who do the most to make others useful and happy.
I was delighted with the unselfishness and high idealism I encountered, though I was appalled by the vast philosophic and scientific literature of socialism that was opened up to me.
Or did he realize the courageous unselfishness that had prompted Tarzan to rush to the rescue and imperil his life for Teeka's balu--for Taug's little balu?
And unselfishness is letting other people's lives alone, not interfering with them.
Fairfax, who brought up the rear, had, with characteristic unselfishness, contented himself with a French workman's blue blouse and a pair of white duck trousers.
Now come," said Luigi, "it is very pleasant to hear you say these things, but for unselfishness, or heroism, or magnanimity, the circumstances won't stand scrutiny.
The Lady Realtors reached 2-2 in the Philippine Superliga Grand Prix after beating down the HD Spikers, 32-30, 25-22, 25-21, and head coach George Pascua credited his team's unselfishness in the victory.
Hailing Dravid's role as the head coach of the team, the Prime Minister said the former inspired honesty and unselfishness.
King encouraged Americans to engage in a "dangerous unselfishness.
We had a good shooting day, and more than that, I like our unselfishness, great passing, looking for each other today.
Better be heard than be polite WHILE your correspondent makes a good point ("Five little words to live a life by" Letters Daily Post, today) if everyone showed respect, tolerance, honesty, unselfishness and thoughtfulness (his words), wouldn't popular journalism become somewhat bland and tame?
The characters involved in this story about unselfishness, kindness and repentance, all find themselves pulled together in the hotel Tayga.