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The results obtained demonstrate that the natural frequency of the first mode focusing on table vibration is sensitive to both changeable table position and workpiece mass to a certain extent; the natural frequency of the second mode focusing on rotor vibration is unsensible to changeable table position and workpiece mass; the natural frequency of the third mode focusing on screw vibration is sensitive to the table position whereas unsensible to the workpiece mass.
So I did and as a result I behaved extremely badly, very unsensible. I still have my moments.
But the more pressing question is not about policy but about politics: Why, politically, does our present unsensible policy persist?
And don't forget - you need some very unsensible shoes to go with these fashion.
42).(36) As captain of the Helots, Pyrocles is so worshipped that he feels uncomfortable about their "barbarously thinking unsensible wonders of me" (NA, p.
But there are deeply entrenced political and bureaucratic reasons why these and other patently unsensible phenomena persist.
Finally, also on Friday, Led Bib, the lively five-piece who have a new album out called Sensible Shoes, but who mix rock and free jazz in an refreshingly unsensible way, are at Taylor John's in Coventry.
Yet as with Carlyle before him, the inherent moralism of his praise of Scott's "comprehensive appreciation of human life" ultimately reverts to a wholesale questioning of the ethics of the Waverley Novels as products of the Toryism of Scott's "romantic imagination" (411): "The strongest unsensible feeling in Scott was perhaps his Jacobitism, which .
The latest collection includes lots of flat and low heels, asymmetric shapes, wedges, velcro straps and dainty, very unsensible sandals.