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Weld, now 50 but still immensely successful and as eloquent as ever, looks back on those early days with cool and calculating unsentimentality.
Asian pop icon Andy Lau is also convincing in his role: His Roger is an enigmatic blend of unsentimentality and heartfelt sensitivity Having portrayed mother and son in films before, Ip and Lau share a special chemistry that translates beautifully onscreen; their relationship feels authentic.
But I am made of sterner stuff, and its name is unsentimentality.
History, in all its unsentimentality, is almost always the best antidote to such simplicities.
Duchamp's wry last words pointedly articulate Kambalu's perspective, the emotive strength of which lies in a mordant unsentimentality.
There is great honesty and unsentimentality in this portrayal of a boy at emotional breaking-point.
The solid unsentimentality of the Czech Christmas was brought home to me at the annual Christmas concert of the great Czech mezzo-soprano Dagmar Peckova, on December 21, in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House.
The present darkness and solitude, on the other hand, permit the welling up of the memory of his first abbot, who showed the young Merton the unsentimentality of the spiritual life by ordering the burning of his private papers.
Veteran baritone William Warfield sings songs by Copland and Gershwin, and Kevin Cole, who has received the endorsement of the Gershwin Estate for the deliberate unsentimentality of his playing, is pianist in Rhapsody in Blue.