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Sarkozy, for Badiou, is the latest incarnation of a politics of fear, dressed up in a postmodern, unserious media demeanor.
Greenwald does get to the heart of the problem of the Bush presidency when he writes, "The strength of a superpower resides in its ability to distinguish between serious and unserious threats.
But the Democrats' instant, soundbite criticism is unserious to the point that it calls into question their sincerity in contributing to a solution.
Jokes are an unserious way of saying serious things.
And I mention this entirely unserious business as an excuse to pay my annual tribute to the two courses over which it is conducted.
He looked unserious when he tried to avoid meeting Gore in three nationally televised debates.
And it was unserious because it didn't include the largest government program of all, Social Security.
Instead of admitting its responsibility, the HDP has come up with unserious excuses.
Sticks and stones may break Vladimir's bones, but unserious sanctions never hurt me
Therefore, each accusation made against the ambassadors is ridiculous and unserious before the eyes of the international factor.
He spent his four and half years in power as a comedian and unserious persons.
It is sad that government did not heed the experts' advice, showing its unserious attitude to rid the masses one of the most painful crises," he said.