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Analysts say that if Hanh has truly made that statement, it is very unserious of him.
All this shows how unserious the militias and their allies are and their disregard for the lives of civilians, and how they have clearly exploited this truce to make gains.
Well, the striking divergence between the unserious nature of the allegations directed at these people and the way in which they are being treated explains a lot about the new dynamics of Turkey.
Haddad criticized the unserious Western Allianceled by the US under the title of fighting the ISIS terrorism, asserting thateliminating terrorism is a humanitarian, national and ethical need.
Rhyme, as used in poetry, is a tricky thing, often seen as a hallmark of unserious or juvenile thinking.
He said that unserious attitude of few people would just harm the country.
It was in McAllen last month that Bush chose to consummate a new, harsher tone toward his billionaire antagonist, calling him an unserious candidate and questioning his conservative credentials.
Youth make up the most unserious sector in Lebanon with the most unserious policies.
democracy, it is unserious to give them the reins of power by means of the parliament", he said.
There are three main systems used around the world to sort out unserious candidates:
But we should recognize that popular evasion for what it is: a deeply unserious fantasy.
But even as an air campaign, this is astonishingly unserious.