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Steve Sidwell believes Cardiff City can unsettle Arsenal on Saturday, saying: 'Go for it, have a right go at them.
However, news of Celtic's interest broke last weekend and a Hearts insider said: 'Their bid is so low you could be forgiven for thinking it was only made to unsettle the player.
Taylor said: ``This may come surprise people but I do have a degree of sympathy for Alpay because, if I went to the World Cup at the age of 29 and was voted in the top 16, then I would have been susceptible to what everybody was telling me, but all they did was unsettle him.
United are furious with Real's unsettle the dynamic winger, who is under contract at United for a further four years.
The story does get a bit muddled, but the world created is so convincing that when the scares do come, they certainly unsettle you.
Fuming City chairman Bryan Richardson says he has evidence that the player was approached in a bid to unsettle him, and has confirmed that both Villa manager John Gregory and chairman Doug Ellis have now formally approached the club to make an offer.