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I have my ideas of who it may be and stuff trying to unsettle us, but that definitely won't be happening with this group.
Fast's multiple layers unsettle the veracity of the documentary genre, but he edits footage in a way that manifests the experience of dispossession: A Berlin tram can be heard before it appears on the screen that the grandmother inhabits--that is, before it takes over her story.
The economic crisis sweeping Asia could unsettle international trading relations and increase friction between countries, a report out today says.
I don't know if it is a deliberate ploy to try and unsettle your warm-up or if it is because there is a confined space and they are looking to get as much going on as possible.
Gibson is enraged over Spurs' interest in Stewart Downing, which he believes was an attempt to unsettle a player under a long-term contract at the Riverside.
Concern over US and European interest rates continued to unsettle global markets, despite the midday announcement that the Bank of England had decided to leave UK interest rates unchanged at 5.
Steve Sidwell believes Cardiff City can unsettle Arsenal on Saturday, saying: 'Go for it, have a right go at them.