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Then I will highlight some possible problems with Seidman's unsettlement theory.
Angry yells from the Portuguese fans as Gomes suffered a series of niggling fouls were the evidence of France's unsettlement.
Of potentially greater importance for the domestic economic outlook, however, was the spread of international financial unsettlement to U.
The unsettlement which led George Eliot to turn to Fred has been compounded in the twentieth century.
LIBRA (September 24-October 23) Some unsettlement is likely which may make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work.
From this perspective, the blurring of first- and third-person voice may be said to echo at the narrative level the unsettlement experienced by the author-narrator as the addressee of Edith's testimonial account.
13) She adds: "This is a sort of loss, a disorientation where openness and unknowingness are part of the process, a self-reflexive, nondogmatic feminism that relishes conflicting interpretations without domesticating them, a permanent unsettlement in what might be termed a postfoundational feminism.
The role of empathy and empathic unsettlement in the attentive secondary witness does not entail this identity; it involves a kind of virtual experience through which one puts oneself in the other's position while recognizing the difference of that position and hence not taking the other's place.
Tom Blewitt, of Mincoff's solicitors in Jesmond, who negotiated the settlement on behalf of Natalie, said: "This is an excellent result for Natalie and her family bringing us up to an end of a complex legal and medical process and a period of difficulty and unsettlement for the family.
The introduction of payment by results could lead to a feeling of unsettlement in the staff rooms of our schools.
For the nearer term, the ongoing shutdown of much of the federal government presented a downside risk to the expansion whose effects would depend on the presently uncertain duration of the shutdown and the potential unsettlement in financial markets that might develop at some point.
LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd) The unsettlement in your circle over the next few days appears to be the problem of others rather than your own.