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Boss Little, whose side are five points adrift at the bottom and travel to Kelty today, said: "It's unsettling for ourselves, along with Dalbeattie and Gretna, and it puts a bit of doubt in the players' minds.
Cree activist and "Idle No More" co-founder Sylvia McAdam, in her afterword, concludes that "Unsettling the Word summons those who have been shaped and impacted by the Judeo-Christian tradition (for good or for ill, by choice or by force), to not simply grapple intellectually with the problems of settler colonialism, to not merely contemplate the promise of decolonization, but to step up and act."
And unsettling because many of us will know people who live their lives just as she did - as a seemingly normal, functioning person who did not realise she was slipping into addiction.
"Claudio has been a perfect professional, but he's had a bit of his mind wondering whether he's going to be here or not and that is unsettling.
which aimed at unsettling peace in the Kingdom, said a source here Sunday.
STEPHEN McManus insists the constant speculation about his Boro future is not unsettling him.
SUNDERLAND manager Steve Bruce insists the Black Cats were not guilty of unsettling Lee Cattermole ahead of his pounds 6 million move from Wigan Athletic.
But Victoria Owen, who runs Tiny Talk baby-signing classes in Cardiff, believes it is just as unsettling for the mums themselves.
Cave of the Painter's Mind is refreshing, unsettling, and impossible to put down.
He thus makes invisible (or barely visible) the unsettling economics that were to dominate the seventeenth century" (31).
Carrick said: "Is it unsettling? I think it is good we have won games by using different systems.
From the first page, with its unsettling "greenish dead eye of the TV tube," straight through to the apocalyptic auctioneer on the last page ("Passerine spread his arms in a gesture that seemed to belong to the priesthood of some remote culture"), this slender volume hurtles along, deadly serious, totally hilarious, by turns sacred and profane, despairing and joyful, and completely resistant to easy interpretation.