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Once distinctness has been ontically created (by quartering Wholeness, per Young's GM), Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form outlines how an observer's knowledge about perceptual-existence is ultimately constructed from an unsevered space by discerning a difference in value and then drawing a boundary between the values and marking only-one value, thereby giving knowledge of this first distinction, and then creating a space of expressions which may indicate either the marked or unmarked value, and then constructing a universal-inference-system which the assertion of a properly- classified-existence can logically-negate.
property, a landowner of an unsevered mineral estate must choose between
in order to make them more appealing to landowners of unsevered estates
landowners to voluntarily unitize their unsevered properties,
While those roots may be shattered, "clattering away," the ties that connect Cohen and her family remain unsevered.
Carter cites a letter from Jones to Maxwell Perkins, his original editor at Scribners, in which Jones writes that he hopes "to discover an unsevered thread that will run continuously through everything I write.
3) A plant twig or shoot, tied down and partially covered with earth, so that it can take root while remaining unsevered from the parent stock.
To hold that a constructively severed riparian mineral estate is not subject to the doctrine of accretion, although an unsevered riparian mineral estate is, would create a groundless distinction in the bundle of property rights accorded the two groups of property owners.
One court has gone so far as to consider unsevered timber personal property if the buyer of the real property intended to harvest the trees.
263A(f)-1(c) defines real property as land, unsevered natural products of land, buildings and "inherently permanent structures.
33) "Real property" includes any interest owned or held in tenancy by any individual or legal entity in land, unsevered products of land and fixtures built on that land (e.