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While How We Got to Now describes technologies largely in terms of their broad cultural impact, Science Unshackled often provides a detailed look at the basic science behind the innovations themselves.
With a White House meeting, talks at athink-tank, and interviews with newspapers, Islamists unshackled by the ArabSpring are launching a new charm offensive to reassure a nervous Washington.
Europe's farmers could respond to international food shortages and soaring prices if they were unshackled from the Common Agricultural Policy, a Conservative Euro-MP said yesterday.
The Middle East, and Dubai specifically, is a pioneering place where creative freedom is unshackled.
Most of its growth in 2007 came from businesses in Morocco, where the financial sector is returning to health after BMCE and its rivals unshackled themselves from bad loans.
This is the new Wilkinson, unshackled by obsession, inspired by a more considered philosophy much of which he has taken from the study of Buddhism.
Those in charge of tackling crime need to be unshackled from their desks on a regular basis.
The Episcopal Church will be better able to minister to all people once unshackled from the conservatives.
The American people have to let Congress and the president know that the Border Patrol and Customs must be unshackled so that they can do their jobs of protecting this country.
According to former colleague Barrie Evans, "Cragg welcomed the new found freedom he had to make decisions, unshackled by bureaucracy.
This was a moment--one remembers it with a certain fond wistfulness--in which one often heard talk of a megalopolis (re)uniting Tijuana and San Diego, just as one heard the World Wide Web trumpeted as a place where racial, gender, and class "subject positions" could be unshackled.
Reactions were subdued in a state where intelligence services keep a grip on politics, but there was speculation that Prince Hamza, unshackled from the constraints of protocol, could emerge as a future focus of dissent.