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Logic is, indeed, unshakable, and its law provides an unshakably clear and present, if ineffable, consistency to a narrative progression many of us mistakenly assume to be opaque.
I loved him, because of his unshakably moral attitude.
The ever-increasing regulatory burden--coupled with tight budgets, unprecedented collaboration among domestic and foreign taxing jurisdictions, and the unshakably high threshold to consistently produce timely and accurate tax accounting--have contributed to a difficult operational environment for the tax department.
The score is honest: these English merchants, while geographically far from home, remain unshakably close to their roots, brushing away elements of their host country as easily as they return to their enclave at the end of the film.
Part II examines the findings of the Wakefield ethics hearings and describes the beliefs of those who, despite the ethics hearings' findings, remain unshakably committed to Wakefield and his work.
Perhaps more so than any other nation, Ireland claims an enduring hold on the American imagination, maybe because the Irish culture, transplanted to America, remains so uniquely and unshakably Irish despite its geographical displacement.
The result is a team that is unshakably loyal but never tries to take advantage of the chief.
But whether you're in Cleveland, Ohio, or Columbia, Missouri, one fact remains unshakably true: investing in and cultivating new technologies is the only means by which we will create more jobs and out-innovate our competitors.
The Black and Gold fandom, 17,565 towel-waving strong and still unshakably faithful despite a Cup drought that dates to 1972, lent its full support last night as the Bruins hosted the decisive Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals at TD Garden.
The introduction to Pasion unfortunately ends with a quote from Luis Martin that validates a French norm: "Although the dawn of the French Enlightenment was already breaking, Peralta y Barnuevo died unshakably rooted in the old faith and in the old intellectual traditions" (129).
Romance now again seems to offer the possibility of sensing other historical rhythms, and of demonic or Utopian transformations of a real now unshakably set in place" (104).
9) In a sense then, we can interpret the Fabian aspects of the text only through an acceptance of Miriam as a literary construct, situated by Richardson in a shifting historical context of developing ideals that depict Fabianism as part of a dialogic process through which Miriam creates her own world-view, with land reform unshakably at its centre.