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Thus though the Stoics did allow that assent properly bestowed on a cognitive impression can be withdrawn under the pressure of sophistical argument, against which only the unshakeably firm grasp that comes with knowledge can protect us, they seem to have held that there is no danger of our not accepting our cognitive impressions when we first have them.
My most memorable lesson cannot really have happened as I remember it, nor can I imagine the pedagogical impetus behind it, but I remain unshakeably convinced that my teacher, Miss Rees, levitated in a lesson at a Carmarthenshire primary school sometime in 1973.
He is unshakeably loyal and he has a reputation for sticking by his man which goes back to his stirling support for Dick Hern when it took an Arab family from Dubai to teach the British upper classes in general an object lesson in both manners and loyalty.
It's unshakeably ingrained in the collective pop culture consciousness u Big Brown Bags, that lower-case logo u heck, even Rachel in Friends worked there for three seasons.
Celebrating his 80th year as Liverpool celebrates its 800th, as funny as he's ever been, an unshakeably loyal citizen and an absolute credit to this great city.
Executed in 1996 by the totalitarian Egyptian government as part of a crackdown on dissident leaders and movements, Sayyid Qutb was unshakeably persuaded that Islam provides an ideal framework for human existence including all of its diverse individual, social, political, economic, intellectual, and spiritual aspects.
He protested: "I'm really the last in a long trail of unshakeably English pop artists from The Who, The Jam, The Kinks.
Another vital home game follows against Portsmouth on Saturday, and chairman Thompson is unshakeably optimistic that Gary Megson's team have the means and the will to start winning again.
constantly and unshakeably relies on his lucky star .
Two former UN Assistant Secretary Generals - Hans von Sponeck and Denis Halliday - signed the Daily Mirror's Not In Our Name petition and said they were unshakeably opposed to war.