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She passed as weary a fortnight as ever mortal spent in Miss Crawley's sick-room; but her little nerves seemed to be of iron, as she was quite unshaken by the duty and the tedium of the sick- chamber.
And each doctrine did not simply leave that faith unshaken, each doctrine seemed essential to complete that great miracle, continually manifest upon earth, that made it possible for each man and millions of different sorts of men, wise men and imbeciles, old men and children--all men, peasants, Lvov, Kitty, beggars and kings to understand perfectly the same one thing, and to build up thereby that life of the soul which alone is worth living, and which alone is precious to us.
Raffles said never a word, but for a moment did as he was bid; and the unshaken flame of the candle was testimony alike to the stillness of the night and to the finest set of nerves in Europe.
She agreed to this, and even admitted, of her own accord, that both letters were strictly in character with her uncle's peculiar disposition--but her fears about Miss Halcombe, and her unaccountable dread of sleeping at the Count's house in London, still remained unshaken in spite of every consideration that I could urge.
Still, with an unshaken confidence that the English tongue was somehow the mother tongue of the whole world, only the people were too stupid to know it, Mr Meagles harangued innkeepers in the most voluble manner, entered into loud explanations of the most complicated sort, and utterly renounced replies in the native language of the respondents, on the ground that they were 'all bosh.
That cold, clear, unimpassioned statement from one who knew every detail of their lives, their organization, and their crimes was unshaken by all the wiles of their defenders.
Surely the only courtship unshaken by doubts and fears must be that in which the lovers can sing together.
Thanks to her firm unshaken belief in the good tidings transmitted to her by the Angel Gabriel, the Enunciated Virgin became the mother of the Divinely Incarnated One, Rahi said.
Or perhaps I'm just perplexed because my libido remains unshaken by the sight of Mr Savchenko's torso.
LEE KEEGAN says Mayo's All-Ireland belief remains unshaken as they return to Croke Park this evening.
Hasaka, SANA -- Hasaka Governor Mohammad Za'al al-Ali stressed on Sunday that the students are determined to successfully continue their final exams, with their will unshaken by the terrorists' attempts to intimidate them into dropping out.
Saeed renewed, in his address to the third session of the 26th Arab Summit meeting, his country's unshaken stand on the need to combat terrorism in all its forms, regardless of its reasons and motives.