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Tiger Eye PI said it was devastated but unshaken by the killing
Stand firm and remain unshaken in your belief,' Oba Adeoye stated.
"Our people and the two countries have paid the heaviest toll, both in terms of human lives as well as material losses, but we stand firm and unshaken," the PM Office Media Wing in a press release quoted the Prime Minister as saying.
In a clash at Saint Petersburg, attended by Belgium King Philippe and French President Emmanuel Macron, the French were unshaken by the Belgian pressure who were pressing throughout the match to score.
In reply to a question, he said Asif Zardari had tried to bulldoze his [Safdar Abbasi's] family 'but we are still standing unshaken throughout all ups and downs'.
Last Friday, only a day after he returned from a long an overseas trip, Governor Joho announced his ambition to go for the presidency as unstoppable.The governor said his quest to vie for presidency in 2022 is unshaken, adding he will trounce Deputy President William Ruto and clinch the top seat.
A spokesman of KP police said here Wednesday that Capital City Police rendered 458 lives which has no parallel in the history of police of any country, adding that the force remained an unshaken block in the way of suicide bombers and averted havoc to innocent human lives.
DAVID WAGNER says confidence in the Town camp is unshaken as they prepare to take on Everton at Goodison Park tomorrow.
Little steps Giant leaps Run too fast Someone weeps But little steps Carefully taken Considering the cracked pavement Leaves one unshaken.
"Unshaken" is highly endorsed by well-known Christian leaders as: powerful, relevant, practical and fulfilling.
"Such criminal act will only add to our unshaken determination to fight terrorism and terrorists' ideologies regardless of their motives," the statement confirmed.
NNA - Sunni Muslims are fortified by their unshaken faith in partnership rather than believing in documents of understanding legitimizing Hezbollah's statelet, resigned cabinet minister Ashraf Rifi stated in response to Gebran Bassil's utterances in Tripoli today.