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Acceptability was evaluated based on five scenarios: the first, assuming that congestion levels are reduced and as a consequence travel times of the alternative car unshared are reduced; the second, taking into account the average values of the attributes of the experimental design, and the last three, assuming the most critical conditions regarding traffic flow congestion.
1752 passed as written and was implemented as written, ministry members might be able to get HSAs even if they had unshared cost levels lower the usual minimum HSA deductible.
The tapestry of voices weave a rich pattern, and the novel is strengthened by Walbert's use of footnotes, which allow her characters' thoughts to move freely from the present to the past, uncovering private or previously unshared memories, especially Marie's traumatic wartime childhood in France and Elizabeth's haunted recollections of a cousin's tragic accident.
Discussions included the decision by both parties to share previously unshared data regarding drainage and the sewer system over the next few months.
'Alone' here means more than simply unshared accommodation: recent research indicates that a quarter of the US population has no-one with whom to discuss important matters.
Interestingly, Ingalls recorded only one unshared victory, against a Fokker D.VII on September 20.
Unfortunately, investigations of group decision making (e.g., Greitemeyer, Shulz-Hardt, Brodbeck, & Frey, 2006) under conditions of unshared or specialized information (i.e., expertise) suggests that groups more often fail at the task of sharing their expertise and recognizing that expertise once it is shared.
He said the current situation requires that the GCC countries should re-consider their identity that should be based on identical views that put forward the joint fate and collective interests of the group rather than their unshared interests.
A new database of medical cases has recently been set up by BioMed Central providing an opportunity to capture much of the potential learning that has previously been unrecorded and unshared.
I only ask that they never disclose the pet name that Mrs T has for me: it is a long and embarrassing story that is best left unshared.
The report said that the tool which allows users to take down their profiles for sometime, posed a threat because of the flaw with which the contact details that were meant to be left unshared like a private work line, or a mobile number could have been revealed to an unknown number of individuals.
Otherwise, the decision-making will only be based on 'common' information, which is usually less, compared to the 'unshared' information.