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According to the actress: "She has this unshatterable sense of entitlement.
What I suddenly saw then was this, that the belief I had been going on all my life, namely--great granite rocks the foam flying up in the light of the lighthouse and the wind-gauge spinning like a propeller, clear to me at last that the dark I have always struggled to keep under is in reality my most-- unshatterable association until my dissolution of storm and night with the light of the understanding and the fire [.
Not of blind compliance with all that God may ask of him, but the unshatterable belief that this 'test' will end well.
Ted was about six feet, hefty, with very pink cheeks, very blue eyes, very white hair, unshatterable calm and a deadly sense of irony.
Unshatterable tough-guy steel martini glasses, pounds 16.
I was painted as this over- confident guy with an unshatterable ego, but nothing could be further from the truth," he says.
he was merely another of us who, in our unshatterable isolation, recognized, on seeing his reflection, the one beautiful comrade, the only inseparable love .
What is certain, it seems to me, is that Ernie chooses to enter Auschwitz in order to affirm a personal destiny, a sense of mission which confers on him a finally unshatterable identity of transcendent meaning because it is bound, spirit and flesh, to that radical tension between sacred and secular history, a history which "calls" without reprieve.