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Ms Mone, who knows a thing or two about media manipulation and catfights, unsheathed her claws first.
McGregor, who plays wise Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, put out great gay-positive vibes when he unsheathed his light saber for other men in The Pillow Book and Velvet Goldmine.
Morland just grinned and savored his putting, which has improved enough since he unsheathed the laser saber that he went from three missed cuts to a final-round Torrey Pines pairing with No.
First Robert Mapplethorpe, repackaging porn, unsheathed the penis and reconstituted it as signifier/design element, an exemplary item of display.
Leaving eaves at both roof levels unsheathed allows for maximum daylight and views.
The offender threatened him with an unsheathed needle in what police described as a "nasty" incident.
The second is whether Assembly Speaker Cruz Bustamante can survive the long knives that will be unsheathed - again - now that he is no longer a lame duck.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 1100 Volts PVC Insulated Single core Unsheathed Industrial(multi strand) cable, Flame retardant Low Smoke (FRLS)
Thereafter when they were exposed to the odour, they unsheathed their stings - but not if they had first been exposed to the queen bee's pheromone.
Politics, though, can be a tough business and readers can expect his claws to be unsheathed and sharpened.
After the customary greeting of ``Saidah,'' and the handshakes, one is invited to have coffee, as is the etiquette of the desert, and although it may take nearly an hour of valuable time while a fire is kindled of thorny burnet to boil the water (or worse, a dried camel dung fire) and the coffee, served in eggcup-size containers, may be as thick as soup, one dare not refuse for fear of offending a host who might be a dangerous enemy should tempers be lost and his ugly dagger unsheathed from his waist.