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The results of accelerated aging of unshielded cable based on unshielded twisted pairs with thermoplastic polyethylene insulation in a protective jacket based on PVC-plastic material in conditions of high humidity and temperature show that the design is resistant to external influencing factors.
The analysis CAD models proposed in the literature except last model contain long mathematical expressions and require extensive calculations to compute the effective permittivities of unshielded S&IM lines.
A high degree of balance is essential to meet automotive EMC requirements with an unshielded system at this data rate.
This article focuses on the known advantages of shielded CAT 6A cabling systems over unshielded CAT 6A cabling systems.
An unshielded sun will soon be beaming down from the sky, almost certainly murdering us all in the fullness of time.
It's no problem to spot livestock a quarter mile away when there aren't any unshielded street or yard lights to desensitize a driver's vision.
Isn't it nightmarish and fearful enough the attempt to disseminate the models of "unshielded" states, whose legitimacies, institutions and constitutions are breached.
The Law Lords said the tribunal had used the correct test in judging whether officers were at increased risk appearing unshielded before the inquiry.
The Steelface family of extended range sensors consists of 12, 18 and 30mm (shielded and unshielded) sensors.
The PET film, laminated with the glass, serves as a spall protection layer, keeping glass shards in place, whereas in standard laminated glass, an unshielded layer of glass faces the vehicle interior.
Pelco of Clovis, California, has added new products to its line of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) products, which can be used as an alternative to coaxial cable in video security systems.
An expanded line of long-range mini inductive proximity sensors now includes 4mm and 5mm unshielded versions.