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She looked at the unshifting brown dust of Topanga Canyon through the twin circles of the binoculars.
Because Howard is a cultural and values conservative, with an attachment to the unshifting ground of human nature and human experience, and because his roots are in the hardworking, blue-collar, no-nonsense part of Australia, he is largely inaccessible to the manufacturers of transitory ideas like multiculturalism and "global warming" (though out of political expediency he has "bent" on that).
The problem faced by critics is the desire to pinpoint an unshifting value system within a literary or political framework (for example) rather than in the moment of production.
The vast, unshifting expanse of sea and sky projected on the rear wall of the stage is too static a backdrop for a play that depends for its life on the inner landscape of its characters.
But more importantly, the likelihood of healing or change in outlook may result (especially if a certain unshifting form of single-mindedness is present).
28) To speak with authority or certainty is to be "fixed" -- to have a secure, unshifting standpoint from which to observe and test one's vision.
In contrast to the tenuous status of higher-order role pairs, Belbin is unshifting in his description of individual team roles in terms of personality characteristics.
The hybrid discourse as a dynamic dialogue between ethnicity and citizenship gets gobsmacked, rendered static and silent before the predetermined, unshifting divisions of black and white audiences.
It was an event demanding the highest professional standards in the fields of meteorology, tidal conditions,logistics and many other fields of science and technology,as well as the naked courage and expertise of the armed forces and the unshifting purpose of the politicians.