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'Naked truth,' they said, proudly unshocked, suppressing images of elderly legs waving wildly, bucking around amongst the edelweiss.
I alone was unshocked, but then I'd been there before, when, as a 19- year-old, I ill-advisedly antagonised a well-dressed 40ish woman driving a Rover.
He added that "heavier fighting also will result in another humanitarian crisis, possibly greater in scale than last year's, which created 250,000 refugees." The White House spokesman, Joe Lockhart, blandly observed, also on March 31, "I can't say that anyone is surprised." The Secretaries of State and Defense echoed this unshocked, affectless, in-control line, as did (a sure sign that a "line of the day" has been circulated) the pathetic bedraggled poodles who are kenneled at the British Foreign Office.
The unshocked meat proved "so tough you could hardly chew it," Long says.
He looked at his world directly and is unshocked by its failure to live up to hopes or expectations, just as he is equally unperturbed by what later came to be called impropriety or vulgarity.
According to a report in National Geographic News, new analysis of the oldest known "unshocked" Apollo sample-a rock never affected by a meteor impact-favors the iron core theory.
Measurements of the magnetic characteristics of the shocked crystals confirm they can carry larger superconducting currents than unshocked samples.
I think that as well as being unshocked by the French attack on New Zealand, the U.S.