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They were assured that all men recruited would retain their hair and beards unshorn as prescribed by their faith.
His great figure was clothed in gray, with white vest, no necktie, and his beard was unshorn as ever.
Staff had treated some unshorn sheep against fly strike, and shorn others to prevent it happening.
faith, allowing the officer to maintain his unshorn hair, beard, and to
Army has waived its uniform policy to allow a Sikh to serve without sacrificing his unshorn hair (Register-Guard, March 23).
not in hostility to others, not to injure any section of the country, not even for our own pecuniary benefit, but from the high and solemn motive of defending and protecting the rights we inherited, and which it is our duty to transmit unshorn to our children" Defenders of the South since the war have taken much the same position.
And only last month ABC News went so far as to warn the unshorn that: "Hair anywhere except on the head seems to be verboten these days, and the modern male will take the razor where few men have ever gone before.
He gave them the 5Ks - Kesh, unshorn hair representing saintliness; Kanga, a comb to keep hair clean and be free from tangle; Kara, a steel bracelet a sign of identity, righteousness, and universal God; Kacha, a knee-length garment denoting strong moral character; Kirpan, a sword of honour only to be used for the defence of the weak and defenceless, not to be drawn in anger and for revenge.
taken the rough grain of unshorn skin tang of onion or beer sentences I
To avoid second cuts, the side of the shear that enters the new, unshorn wool is the side that must stay in contact with the sheep's skin.
The great unwashed--now unshorn as well--were back, and this time for good.
The Home Office has backed down over enforcing a piece of red tape that could have left millions of British sheep unshorn this summer.