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/ Unshortened by progression Infinite!" (6.543-44).
Was putting on a fake beard and using the unshortened form of your last name a way of getting in tune with the "family business"or maybe a way of experiencing a rabbinical "road not taken"?
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In that case, Mlahso must have split off from Turoyo at a time when the latter had not yet undergone certain characteristic innovations, i.e., when it still had word-final stress, unshortened vowels in closed syllables, and various MidAr lexical items now preserved only in Mlahso (e.g., avo 'father,' renyo 'trouble').
So much of it is boilerplate prep school farewellage: the kissoff to the deans ("Take this deep and ..." refers to Loomis-speak for an unexcused absence, a "deep"); the endless list of friends identified by their initials; the nicknames (Bethany Sullivan is "Sully," Kelly McNamara is "Mac"; in the studied and sedulous quest for a casual, laid-back, effortless air, no name could go unshortened: Carlos Trujillo became "Los," Jason Urffer was "Urf," Scott Fankhouser was "Fank," Scott O'Brien was "O.