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ROSS: Your son, my lord, has paid a soldier's debt: He only liv'd but till he was a man; The which no sooner had his prowess confirm'd In the unshrinking station where he fought, But like a man he died.
In religion and morality, a bright example--in politics, liberal and constitutional--as a merchant, useful and intelligent--and for firmness and unshrinking determination, a man scarcely to be equalled.
Moses Colt Tyler argues that these plays forcefully reproduce the "ideas, the passions, the motives, and the moods of that stormful time in our history with a frankness, a liveliness, and an unshrinking realism not approached by any other species of Revolutionary literature" (II: 188), while Norman Philbrick underlines the immediacy of these plays and the fact that they occupy a "unique place in the propaganda war of the American revolution" (2).
suddenly rising in mental force, to be the comforter and supporter of her husband under misfortune, and abiding, with unshrinking firmness, the bitterest blasts of adversity.
What Sayre admired was not some vague nobility that she found among the London exiles, but their unshrinking and ongoing commitment to radical goals.
62-88) of a wife directly accused of adultery by her husband, whose swift and unshrinking reproof is vindicated by the woman's tearful public confession and penitence.
Giant's Causeway's enthusiasm for racing and unshrinking courage have distracted most enthusiasts from his undoubted class as he has continued to improve and thrive since the Spring.
56] Through his own example, he unobtrusively but unmistakably bears witness to a possibility, and therewith a hope, to which Hobbes never clearly refers or for which he never even allows: the possibility of combining a full, unshrinking awareness of the truth of our mortality with a genuine serenity of spirit and hence the possibility of becoming genuinely reconciled to our mortal, human nature.
Admiration for his fulsome handling of paint comes in the same breath as shudders of repulsion at his unshrinking portrayal of human flesh.