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Neglect is inherently different from unsightliness. Preferences respecting aesthetics are subjective, and thus, as courts explain, the regulation of aesthetic harms and benefits should be left to actual, not hypothetical, contracts between neighbors.
Indeed, historians characterize New York, particularly in the 1910s when Barnes first arrived, as a time and place that exerted tremendous energy to mitigate the dangers of unsightliness. (4) For example, in the 1870s a Flower Mission attempted to beautify slums and tenements in the city, as well as their inhabitants.
* The one that isn't quantifiable, call it well-being efficiency if you like--the net good that results from having it, divided by the net downsides of amenity loss, adverse health effects, shipping hazards, and unsightliness, including the extra pylons.
"Humanitarianism urged compassion to the suffering poor and accommodation with physical difference, but the unsightliness of disabled beggars on the streets of Georgian cities 'thrusting' their stumps at respectable passers-by and imploring them for charitable assistance, was seen as a threat to the values of decorum and commercial progress.
The reason to take him to a groomer is to avoid having him associate any more unpleasantness with you, but to also relieve the discomfort and unsightliness of mats.
It is as if a mirror is being held up in which the nation can see for the first time the incivility of its ways--the unsightliness of its segregated buses, for instance.
"By litter picking it may remind individuals of the danger to people, animals and birds and the unsightliness of litter."
For instance, it is presumed that governing authorities take into consideration the recommendations of their zoning commission and the evidence supporting a rezoning or a zoning amendment--including growth and land use studies, resident input and concern, traffic concerns, unsightliness, buffer zones and unwanted uses, land values and devaluation, and future growth needs.
"[S]ubstantial interferences with a person's use and enjoyment of property by things such as noise and unsightliness can best be abated by courts applying equitable principles.
These havens for vermin, infection and plain unsightliness are a damning indictment of local authority buck-passing.
Its theoretical unsightliness combined with the fact that infinity shades would fail completely in some far-fetched hypothetical cases and would introduce distortions in more realistic cases like Research Council means that we should be very reluctant to accept this selection rule.
If it's just a case of unsightliness, I'm afraid it's unlikely that you'll be able to get an operation these days.