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Relevant factors in determining the existence and extent of incidental damages include loss of use of the property, unsightliness of the property or inconvenience in its use, and impairment of access to nearby streets and highways.
Aware of their unsightliness, a couple of years ago the three Edgbaston ward councillors allocated Neighbourhood Renewal Fund money to build an innovative underground recycling unit at the Hollies Croft Shopping Centre on the Pershore Road.
Citing intrusive behavior on the part of panhandlers, the unsightliness of panhandling itself, and itspotential to deter customers from shopping downtown, a group known as CASCADE (Citizens Acting for a Safe Community and Downtown Economy) appears before the council to demand action.
The bottom of the van was rusted and unsightly, so he built a four-foot picket fence all around the van and planted flowers and shrubbery to hide the unsightliness.
Unfortunately, local politicians are often less enamored of the practice and sometimes contrive to eliminate it, citing safely hazards to telephone-pole workers, the obstruction of storm drains, an general unsightliness.
1 -- 2 -- color) Artist Barbara Freeman's ``Sofa Henge,'' a temporary installation in a vacant North Hollywood lot, was intended to focus public attention on the unsightliness of furniture thoughtlessly discarded on the street.
However, some opponents of criminalization respond that unsightliness aside, homeless people do not pose a threat to health or safety, and such policies "are often counterproductive, creating artificial barriers for people on the path toward self-sufficiency and undermining individual efforts to escape poverty.
That's detrimental to the health of the public, not to mention the gross unsightliness.
Li, however, can only give Liu a job "in the back" feeding the horses, because of the unsightliness of his tattoos.
Notwithstanding the unsightliness of executives earning very large rewards sometimes for just getting out of the way, the use of stock options, golden parachutes, and other large payments to control the behavior of ceos has solved a problem that has persisted since the beginning of corporate capitalism: how to make sure managers behave responsibly toward owners.
Proposals to develop wind farms, for example, tend to encounter strong opposition from local residents who complain of noise, unsightliness and excessive land use in relation to the amount of electricity generated.
Consider the following gray areas: the unsightliness of a neighbor's house; unpleasant noises; the basis of consent by the young, the senile, and the mentally retarded; issues relating to the unborn fetus; the tacit terms of ongoing relationships, including employment and marriage; the continuum that spans private voluntary agreement and coercive local government.