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Although the room has been used for community dinners, church services and other activities, Kirk says the unsightly polka dots have hindered the organization from renting out the facility.
You can just do fungicide on its own, but it turns moss an unsightly yellow brown and as it dies, it loses bond with the tiles and goes patchy.
Overflowing gutters 4, Unsightly or imposing extensions and DIY 5.
Unhealthy trees can become unsightly but also potentially unsafe.
REPLACE stale soil and unsightly moss in containers with bark chippings or coloured aggregate stones to provide a bit of variety in your pots.
Sadly my street in Garth Road, Bangor is one of them, and yes they are unsightly, but as one of these offenders, what do we do?
A UNSIGHTLY moles can be removed with relative ease under local anaesthetic.
Deftly covering laws concerning such issues as water runoff and flooding, trees that hang over property line, problems with neighboring businesses, noisy neighbors, unclear boundary lines, blocked views, high or unsightly "spite" fences, dangerously deteriorating fences, dangers to children, and so much more, Neighbor Law is a complete and thorough compendium ideal for non-specialist general readers wanting to know (and be able to enforce) their rights as a property owner in a neighborhood of property owners.
Avoid waxing or shaving that area--it's too tender, and you'll get red bumps that aren't harmful but can be sore and unsightly.
And even though Sam faced unsightly competition, he nabbed the ugly title.
The GAF property stood for years as an unsightly remnant of the borough's industrial past.