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The root of the plant is not unsightly to science, though for chaplets and festoons we cut the stem short.
It stands in the corner of the poor field of wheat, which is full of great unsightly stumps, like earthy butchers'-blocks.
They were jumbled together in a most unsightly fashion, in the middle of the road; to the great obstruction of the thoroughfare and the annoyance of passengers, who were fain to make their way, as they best could, among carts, baskets, barrows, trucks, casks, bulks, and benches, and to jostle with porters, hucksters, waggoners, and a motley crowd of buyers, sellers, pick- pockets, vagrants, and idlers.
The little staircase windows looked in at the back windows of other houses as unwholesome as itself, with poles and lines thrust out of them, on which unsightly linen hung; as if the inhabitants were angling for clothes, and had had some wretched bites not worth attending to.
Hard by, was a little churchyard; not crowded with tall unsightly gravestones, but full of humble mounds, covered with fresh turf and moss: beneath which, the old people of the village lay at rest.
Where, in the sharp lineaments of rigid and unsightly death, is the calm beauty of slumber, telling of rest for the waking hours that are past, and gentle hopes and loves for those which are to come?
A Plum Creek Foundation grant will help the Dora-Sitkum Rural Fire Protection District rid its multi-purpose room of an unsightly case of the polka dots.
JAMES RICHARDSON dons a new shirt claiming to prevent unsightly sweatiness JAMES RICHARDSON dons a new shirt claiming to prevent unsightly sweatiness WHAT WHA IS IT?
DIY expert Donny Sheridan answers your questions QHOW do I get rid of the unsightly moss on the shady side of my new tiled roof?
They're unsightly and so tender that if I knock them, I almost faint.
However, an unsightly or poorly maintained neighbouring property could reduce the price of a home by an average of 13 per cent.
It was becoming unsightly and checks revealed it has the potential to be a health and safety risk if its branches started to break or if it toppled over.