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Bird history is full of such stories, in which descendants of unsimilar ancestors converge on similar lifestyles, capacities or shapes, says neuroscientist Erich Jarvis of Duke University.
Our aim is to challenge the colonial nature of the governance of Wales by successive Westminster parties by establishing the Welsh National Rights Movement, a no-sectarian, progressive organisation, not unsimilar to Cymdeithas yr Iaith, but ready to campaign on all fronts and not just on Welsh language issues.
It's not unsimilar to the latest Hashaba incidents--according to local sources, the Um Jalul Border Guards killed 80 civilians there, but most [of them] were not from the area but gold searchers from other parts of Sudan.
It was right to keep Halewood going - as shown by the fact that its ability to produce two such utterly unsimilar cars as the Jaguar X Type and the Land Rover Free lander on the same line is thought to be unique.
We may not see a decline in the acceptance of the monarchical or hierarchical powers and prestige of the church not unsimilar to what happened 1500 years ago--when, for example, in 499 in Rome two rival bishops were elected by rival groups of the clergy and the people, and when appeals were made to the near-barbaric ruler (Theodoric) to choose which one of the bishops should be installed.
Permanent Red, though a great deal more sophisticated, produces an effect not unsimilar to a greatest police chase videos program.
He added: ``It was not unsimilar to last week's game (at Fulham).
In doing so, she has found a new land within herself that she can explore ("colonize" would not be the fitting word here), a land not unsimilar to what African Americans or Chinese Americans or Pakistani Americans have located.
Frontman Neil has a voice not unsimilar to a happier Morrissey, which can only be a good thing.
So, while few poems "last longer than the day" ("Farandgudhir" [Wandering Gods]), the poet will try to save his seedling in the hope that it may in time be replanted in the garden "where in olden times stood / a tree not unsimilar.