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It was right to keep Halewood going - as shown by the fact that its ability to produce two such utterly unsimilar cars as the Jaguar X Type and the Land Rover Free lander on the same line is thought to be unique.
We may not see a decline in the acceptance of the monarchical or hierarchical powers and prestige of the church not unsimilar to what happened 1500 years ago--when, for example, in 499 in Rome two rival bishops were elected by rival groups of the clergy and the people, and when appeals were made to the near-barbaric ruler (Theodoric) to choose which one of the bishops should be installed.
Permanent Red, though a great deal more sophisticated, produces an effect not unsimilar to a greatest police chase videos program.
He added: ``It was not unsimilar to last week's game (at Fulham).
In doing so, she has found a new land within herself that she can explore ("colonize" would not be the fitting word here), a land not unsimilar to what African Americans or Chinese Americans or Pakistani Americans have located.
Frontman Neil has a voice not unsimilar to a happier Morrissey, which can only be a good thing.
the time for access to long-term memory), which play a prominent role, but it rather seems that both paradigms as well as the other ECTs mainly assess a general latent trait of mental speed which creates considerable correlations also between rather unsimilar ECTs.
So, while few poems "last longer than the day" ("Farandgudhir" [Wandering Gods]), the poet will try to save his seedling in the hope that it may in time be replanted in the garden "where in olden times stood / a tree not unsimilar.
But look, can't one just use CT to extract the empirical consequences of an A-theory, and then just write a new theory with those consequences, but with U-statements unsimilar to those of the other A-theories?
In addition to the quality of financial accounting, the quality of auditing is shaped by unsimilar variables.