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a) Comparison of time consumption Time consumption (s) Unskillful operators 15.
That when people get into the hands of unskillful operators--as when, for instance, in performing lithotomy, the surgeon finds his way into the cellular substance between the bladder and the rectum--it would be merciful to thoroughly intoxicate them, either with ether or any other drug, we freely admit; but that this vaunted process will prove, in all cases, so entirely free from danger, we do not believe.
Their ignorance, as Murray (1853: 207) noted, emerged with evidence if they were compared to other nations: "The Turks, accustomed from the beginning to look upon themselves as conquerors, are the most ignorant and unskillful persons in Turkey"; or, as Thornbury (1860a, c) stated, their cruelty could be observed in madhouses and prisons.
89) Determining whether this is the case, however, will have the character of an argument regarding the quality of a jazz solo, as opposed to a written musical score; (90) some notes may definitely be off key, others right on key; but learning to tell the difference between skillful and unskillful performance requires a familiarity with the intention of the music being played, the nature of the instrument, and a recollection of past performances that were particularly skillful.
The Exercise of Authority depends on personal Character; and the Whip and Reins by which an able Charioteer governs unruly Steeds will only hurl the unskillful Presumer with more speedy & headlong Violence to the Earth.
9 Community should also be informed about the health consequences and health risks attached to unskillful practices.
In addition, in an embarrassingly unskillful manner, he enquired about the customer's nationality while on the phone to his assistant.
The agricultural machines were of bad quality and were unsuitably used by the unskillful people.
In addition, it aims at determining the adequate Cut-off-Scores for every statistical Competency through which one can identify those students who are skillful or unskillful of this Competency, and finally to know to what extent the Post-graduate Students in Education Colleges in the Yemeni Universities are in full command of using these statistical Competencies which are included in this test.
There is dire need to demonstrate a discrete choice consumption function that may decide, at a given level of endowment assuming constant returns, skillful peasants are expected more to become farmers than unskillful peasants.
Men have been brought to life before, when unskillful people have given them up for lost; and men have died, who might have been restored, if proper means had been resorted to.