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When he was mocked for bowing rather than shaking hands at his Tuesday afternoon levees, for instance, he protested that his "stiffness" at these receptions should be ascribed to the effects of age, or to the unskillfulness of my teacher, [rather] than to pride and dignity of office, which God knows has no charms for me....
The court found that the expression "incompetence or unskillfulness" is not so uncertain in its meaning that further definitive rulemaking by the Board is required.
The VA argued that testimony by General Frank Hines, the director of the Veterans' Bureau from 1923 to 1945, demonstrated that the original 1924 Act had a limited purpose: to provide compensation to veterans who were injured at a VA facility "as the result of accident or negligence of treatment or unskillfulness.'"(88) Unfortunately for the VA, General Hines also testified in favor of a no-fault statute.(89) The mixed signals sent by General Hines fell far short of an unequivocal indication of congressional intent needed to displace the plain language of [sections] 1151.