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Another point worth revisiting is that our endeavor to empirically measure slanted news coverage that correlates with the financial interests of news corporations--in this case, reporting on events for which a network does or does not own broadcasting rights--does not compare the content of the actual stories aired to some sort of unknown, ideal measure of what truly "objective" or "unslanted" coverage of these events would look like.
It is a safe business decision, on the part of the now Fauquier Times, to remove Democrat from its name, and it remains ethical as long as the paper continues to write in the "factual, straightforward, unslanted" (Walsh, 2013) way that is promised.
When I was the editor of the Times, we kept a strict eye on making sure that the news stories were straight"--that is, strictly objective and unslanted. He stresses the absolute importance of having editors, reporters, and publisher all stay on the same page about keeping editorial views out of the news section.
Archaeology can go further, theoretically offering unslanted evidence of the homes, graves, and traditional spaces of women, from the Neolithic to the Late Roman Empire.
The H-PDLC devices with the compositions shown in Table 2 are used as holographic media for the recording of unslanted diffraction gratings.
A two-beam holographic optical setup (see Figure 2) with an angle of 30.85[degrees] between the beams was used to record unslanted transmission gratings, using a 532 nm vertically polarised Nd:YVO4 laser.