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But I'm not dead, and when I'm again flung through the air I land on all fours and I grab at my handgun, unsnapping the holster stay as I began to move violently once more, being shaken and beaten against alders.
Accessing the four rear-mounted batteries is now as easy as pulling a nylon loop and unsnapping the seat cushion.
No dognapper would bother to unravel the chain wrapped twice around the tree, instead of simply unsnapping the clip from Amber's collar, to drag her off.
while behind the driver's wheel i hear the unsnapping
We slap-box and tackle each other, smoke cigarettes, cop a piece in the bush under the electronic score-board's hot ticking bulbs, unsnapping a girl's bra, our love a nine-ball roll on the break in red cushioned pocket of her heart.
We see a plane full of businessmen-clicking their calculators, snapping and unsnapping their attache cases.
You adjust it by unsnapping the holster from the belt slide, moving the slide to a different location on the belt, reversing the retention strap (if needed) and re-attaching the holster.
With that, Brady turned around and put his hands on his helmet before aggressively unsnapping his chin strap.
You can remove the holster easily by unsnapping it from the belt loop.
Cleaning the machine is as easy as unsnapping the lid and rinsing it out in the laundry tub.
They're unparalleled for security and mag protection, and there are people who are very fast at unsnapping the flap and stripping the mag out.