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They are insulting the many people in Scotland who face genuine financial hardship on the basic minimum wage, many of whom work unsociable hours.
After 12 years studying black bears, and having hand-reared more than 50 cubs in woods, Ben Kilham debunks the myth that the creatures are unsociable.
He was really unsociable and actually used to say to people when they came round, "I hate you, get out of my house.
These agencies are so desperate for staff, given the low pay and unsociable hours, they will have anybody.
Many are service workers who work unsociable hours, have only three weeks holidays per year and live in abject poverty, barely above the level of income support.
Despite these restrictions, I have often received complaints from residents living close to Europcar Rental that they are frequently disturbed by activities at this depot during unsociable hours - such as from car deliveries as early as 6am.
The opposite meaning to gregarious is unsociable, un-friendly, solitary.
Antisocial behaviour logged by his neighbours in diary sheets included playing music at unsociable hours and hammering late at night.
They drive unsociable hours, eat the wrong types of food - usually fast food.
There is plenty of hard work involved, with unsociable hours, but for those dedicated to the profession the rewards and prospects far outweigh the negatives.
Walking to work obviously relies on the weather, not to mention the safety factor of working unsociable hours.
One proposal was to re-deploy staff on lower pay and Mr Bunn had complained his rota was changed to unsociable hours.