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Interestingly, the "fallen Englishmen" "bloomed and faded in Crimean flowers" have become mere organic matter, soil, but Nightingale's "perfect charity unsoiled shall stand.
He was carefully tearing the unsoiled bits off the soiled bits, presumably for some other use.
It was a denial of any type of experience/knowledge to the extent that the raw surrounding clouded the comprehension of the world as known then, thus triggering a backwards voyage into the "night of first ages, of those ages that are gone," but still conspicuous in this unsoiled land (Conrad 1995: 62).
51) MI this is, of course, not to say that the Baltic people have been morally unsoiled victims of the great powers, as the mainstream in the Baltic societies still maintains.
The researchers, who looked at infections stemming from catheter tubes, also showed that staff could safely replace unsoiled dressings every seven days instead of every three days.
You only need to change the insert when it's saturated, and reuse the cover as long as it remains unsoiled.
Shilo is the emotional center of the film, the innocent who is somehow unsoiled by the dementia rampant in her universe, and Vega gives it her all.
No sooner has it become a talking garden than it boasts of its hospitality to the dogs trampling through it, and of its own magical properties in remaining unsoiled and sweet smelling despite such canine traffic.
What a surprise: Republicans feverishly exploiting their echo chamber to pound out a familiar percussive drumbeat that Democrats are weenie girly men who can't be trusted to keep their frilly underwear unsoiled, much less protect this country from terrorists.
If transitional justice discourse suggests a false dawn of unsoiled positions, if our practice is blind to our compromises, then transitional justice may engender more harm than good.
She represented the unsoiled spirit of freedom and independence.
There is not a single region of the planet left unsoiled by our country's dirty hands.