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I could afford to ignore the insolent asides, however, where the apparent contention was so manifestly unsound.
And, gentlemen, when the timbers of the Vessel of the State are unsound and the Man at the Helm is unskilful, would those great Marine Insurers, who rank among our world-famed merchant- princes--would they insure her, gentlemen?
Happily for the harmony of this first interview, they were now called to dinner, and Philip was not allowed to develop farther his unsound views on the subject of fishing.
THIRTY-NINE people who applied for gun licences in Warwickshire have been turned down for being mentally unsound or convicted criminals.
UNSOUND Magnotta was later arrested at a cafe in Berlin.
From fathers in prison to mental illness, and making unsound financial choices.
Project Description : Reducing Releases of Polybromodiphenyl Ethers (PBDE) and Unintentional Persistent Organic Pollutants (UPOPs) Originating from Unsound Waste Management and Recycling Practices and the Manufacturing of Plastics in Indonesia.
For the good reputation of Durham County Council, it is essential that it submits a Draft Local Plan to the Government that does not get rejected as unsound.
Florence ended it all by taking poison and a sad verdict of suicide while of unsound mind was returned.
Patna, Sept 2 ( ANI ): Reacting sharply to Maharashtra Nanirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray's anti-north Indian and specifically anti-Bihari rhetoric, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday described Thackeray as being a person of unsound mind, and questioned the Maharashtra Government's inaction in cracking the administrative whip on him.
Nevertheless, the report underlined that the improvement is still insufficient and liquidity characteristics of the Kuwait stock market are still unhealthy or unsound.
Jailed British billionaire Safi Qurashi, the man who bought Great Britain in Dubai's 'World' island development, is set to be freed after judges ruled two of his bounced cheque charges were unsound.