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The Bunker has served as the New York underground's dancefloor since 2003 and tackled this same dilemma in their programming for Unsound.
She said the council had never suggested the "frame of the building" was structurally unsound.
The court asserted that eliminating the protection provided by the tolling provision would make the unsound mind exception meaningless because such individuals usually have some representative, whether it be a guardian, a conservator, a next friend, or an attorney in fact (i.
The Institute also requested that the Final Advisory make clear that the inclusion of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and waiver of jury trial provisions would not impair independence or constitute an unsafe and unsound practice.
The danger is that while some dwellings may be able to provide shelter in the short-term, they are actually structurally unsound, putting people at risk if another earthquake should hit the region.
Well, because men and women of a previous generation thought it "immoral"--note, please, not imprudent, or unwise, not economically unsound or politically incorrect--but "immoral" to go into debt.
Three preliminary pallet cant grades were used to segregate the cants according to the volume of unsound wood.
IVY can ruin walls, but only if the mortar is unsound.
In addition to easing the burden for insurance companies that believed it to be actuarially unsound to include the risk of flood in standard insurance policies, the NFIP also assisted citizens who otherwise wouldn't be able to obtain the coverage.
Walder's violations of law, unsafe and unsound banking practices, and breaches of fiduciary duties to UBS and its customers in connection with his embezzlement of funds for personal use.
The book's third and final chapter makes the case for transnational comparisons, explaining how putting the American South next to "other Souths" can reduce parochialism and help historians form meaningful generalizations and disprove unsound ones.