unsound mind

See: insanity
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Doctors from Walton Gaol and Rainhill Asylum both said that the children had been well loved and cared for and that, at the time the murders were committed, Mary was of unsound mind.
He said Article 63 (a) suggested that a person could be disqualified from being elected or a parliament member if he was of unsound mind and had been so declared by a competent court of law.
According to the Constitution, a gun licence may be revoked if a person is of unsound mind, or found to be unfit to be entrusted with such a firearm.
The resolution, presented by PPP's Senator Aitzaz Ahsan, pointed out that an un-elected person " someone who has given up Pakistani citizenship, who is declared to be of an unsound mind or otherwise disqualified from holding public office by a court " can become the head of party and take decisions.
a) he is of unsound mind and has been so declared by a competent court; or
blatherskite" with an "unbalanced and unsound mind," though whether or not Bryan was "insane," the Times editorialist of 1896 conceded, "is a question for expert alienists") is no different than the Times in 2016 on Donald Trump.
Then the finest minds in Victorian medicine were called as witnesses, and all told the same tale, that he was of unsound mind.
The novel unfolds a story of four women: the tolerant, the tomboy, the selfishly smart, and the woman of an unsound mind.
According to him, there are three criteria to determine which person cannot be registered: Any person under 18, any person of an unsound mind and any person who is not a Ghanaian.
Some people of unsound mind are attempting to stop all our heavy haulers," the official Russian news agency (http://tass.
Using the money she brought along, Dymphna established a hospice for those of unsound mind.