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UNSOUNDNESS. Vide Crib-biting; Roaring; Soundness.

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He would have been able to differentiate soundness from unsoundness, as well.
Therefore, why did the attorney general, who certainly should be aware of the unsoundness of what he proposed, advocate legislation to stifle prisoner litigation?
Thus 75-year soundness today implies 75-year unsoundness tomorrow.
The audit on this questionable investment - death - reveals its unsoundness.
And, it added, "the soundness or unsoundness of that constitutional judgment in no sense turns on whether viability occurs at approximately 28 weeks, as was usual at the time of Roe, at 23 or 24 weeks, as it sometimes does today, or at some moment even slightly earlier in pregnancy, as it may if fetal respiratory capacity may be somehow enhanced in the future.
The 1960s saw a strong reaction to compulsory eugenic sterilization, impelled by awareness of the excesses of Nazi eugenic practices and the scientific unsoundness of the hereditary assumptions underlying these laws.
No one is quite safe from ideological unsoundness and even heterogeneity has its problems.
to be introduced, as it is for an alienist to testify as to the soundness or unsoundness of the mind of a subject.
There are still many areas where the trucking industry and FMCSA can work together to make progress on highway safety, but the unsoundness of this regulatory process has forced us into court.
However, a lack of turf sires standing in the US, as well as the underlying feeling of unsoundness voiced by many trainers of US-bred stock, could be another contributing factor.
Another way of looking at the essential and inherent unsoundness of fractional reserve banking is to note a crucial rule of sound financial management--one that is observed everywhere except in the banking business.