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He added: "In simple terms, Shane was a fine young man, unsparing in his generosity and with his time.
Unsparing but not indiscriminate in dishing out gore and suffering, he endlessly toys with audience sensibilities while intellectually probing the anesthetizing effects of war and dictatorships.
Ed Stafford's original companion abandoned the expedition after a few weeks, and Stafford's unsparing catalogue of his erstwhile partner's failings and weaknesses reveals rather more of his own character than he's perhaps aware of.
This is rich earth for public anthropology, with the striking uniqueness in the cities' respective histories, racial and ethnic makeup, municipal political ethos, and relative degrees of gentrification on display through the unsparing prism of public housing.
It is a personal history and an unsparing account of what America has wrought in Iraq and the region.
Check it out if you like: Confessional country-folk with the unsparing honesty of a Steve Earle or Johnny Cash.
How do these cultural moments fare when they are scrutinized under the unsparing telescope of time?
We will continue to be unsparing in our efforts" added O'Shea.
Payne is unsparing in his examination of the history of urban school failure, particularly using his wide range of experience in Chicago Public Schools as context, yet he acknowledges signs of progress and describes his outlook as "guardedly optimistic.
Although I resonated with her joy at the birth of her healthy child, the account is credibly unsparing in describing the exorbitant costs and the emotional ambiguity in watching another woman carry one's child, for a fee, with her own children and family looking on.
Billion-Dollar Lessons is smart and unsparing about the ways in which companies have found ways to lose billions, along with the confidence of markets.
Mrs Smith's certificate reads: "The Government wishes to express to you its profound gratitude for your unsparing efforts as a loyal and devoted member of the Women's Land Army at a time when our country depended upon you for its survival.