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In this context, we assumed a differential effectiveness of specific prompts exclusively directing attention to a specific piece of knowledge and of unspecific prompts directing attention to the corresponding knowledge sub-area.
Moreover, aorta rings pre-incubated with indomethacin (100 [mu]M, an unspecific cyclooxygenase inhibitor) did not induce any change in the relaxant action of 1 (Fig.
The feature enables users to search for unspecific products too - the ones they are not very sure of.
Children are at high risk of TB, are prone to disseminated disease and the diagnosis of paediatric TB may be difficult, since complaints are often unspecific and contacts may not been known.
Annan cautioned that the UN monitors shall be deployed initially for three months which could for an unspecific date, however, he did not set any ultimatum.
Severe, unspecific clinical signs (fever, depression, anorexia, dyspnea, ataxia) developed in all animals.
Taormina, a forensic business pathologist, notes that testimony in products liability cases can often leave juries with vague, unspecific information that can lead juries to arrive at an emotional consensus.
European socialists deplore the highly unspecific proposals by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French Nicolas Sarkozy to combat unemployment," said Stanishev at a press conference in Sofia Sunday.
Rupture of implants can remain unnoticed or can lead to unspecific changes.
I'd asked for training for call centres but all the courses they offered were very unspecific.
Norway police said that they have had several unspecific bomb threats since the July 22 attacks and advised the public to stay vigilant.