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Other studies of External cause coding have all found lack of specificity in the coding, with over reliance on Other and Unspecified codes.
In response, the participant was required to place one coin beside each jar (or in the black tin for unspecified relations).
Unspecified documentation leads to unspecified codes.
Summary: US defence firm acquired unspecified equity stake in an Abu Dhabi-based military aircraft maintenance,
We defined unspecified agents as agents that cause acute gastroenteritis but that were not included in our estimate of foodborne illness caused by 31 major known pathogens (1).
Linda Lingle says she has released an unspecified portion of the money to Hawaii Community College's Manono Campus in East Hawaii.
DIALA / Aswat al-Iraq: A car bomb went off on Wednesday in central Baaquba, leaving unspecified number of casualties, according to a security source.
3 million shares, after sales at an unspecified price on June 10 and June 17.
The spokesperson of the Egyptian foreign ministry Hossam Zaki told reporters that some unspecified parties are calling for dividing Sudan "as a solution to the crisis".
For years, the numbers of unspecified malaria as a diagnosis had varied widely from 6% (4 of 69 in 2002) to 33% (15 of 45 in 2005), with an overall average of 19.
Summary: The Saudi official news agency reported on Tuesday that Crown Prince Sultan underwent surgery in New York following unspecified treatment.
Women are diagnosed and hospitalized for unspecified chest pain more often than men, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.