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He ate burnt flesh when he would have preferred it raw and unspoiled, and he brought down game with arrow or spear when he would far rather have leaped upon it from ambush and sunk his strong teeth in its jugular; but at last the call of the milk of the savage mother that had suckled him in infancy rose to an insistent demand--he craved the hot blood of a fresh kill and his muscles yearned to pit themselves against the savage jungle in the battle for existence that had been his sole birthright for the first twenty years of his life.
It is also on a particularly unspoiled and beautiful stretch of the Rirer Thames.
As the capital of Alaska, we enjoy promoting our state's rugged and unspoiled wild side," said Kimberly Kiefer, UNO City Manager.
Add into that 30 miles of unspoiled beaches, Holy Island, Roman forts, Hexham Abbey and the Cheviot Hills - where else would you want to be with a camera?
People visit purely because currently it is a beautiful unspoiled area.
The new Kanab branding campaign--distinguished by a new logo and graphic treatment--was highlighted by the tagline, "Magically Unspoiled," which celebrates the undiscovered quality of the area for visitors from around the globe.
Keith Wyton writes, the editorial described Bamfield as beautiful, unspoiled and remote, and therefore a better location for liquefied natural gas processing than Saanich Inlet.
We spoke on the phone and she was charming, sweet and unspoiled.
How can we influence all people of our day, To bring rubbish home in a responsible way Be proud of our surroundings and treat it with care, So all can enjoy unspoiled views everywhere?
Majorca 5 Hidden delights Enjoy plenty of unspoiled and historic beauty in the sunshine Blackpool 7 Kiss me quick Traditional values are still very much alive on the Lancashire coast Australia 9 Stay as long as you can So much to see and so little time to do it all.
BELONGING MY land, my special place, the birthplace from which I dwell, I will surely return to it, my earth someday, sometime, Somewhere, Pure air, a feeling of freedom, innocence existing, in a Life by the hills of home, Big open skies, vast and inspiring, unspoiled beauty, an Idyll in my heart, Sand and shore, pounding seas, white plumes, roaring To the rhythm of me, My touchstone and foundation, where I became me, it Nourishes my soul, Earth, rock, hills, from the beginning of time, nothing Existed before, Cairns on hill tops, lost, from spirits of long ago, of Unknown forebears, Born in a special place, overwhelming vastness, under a Blue, cloudless sky, Land of innocence, of natural beauty, unspoiled by man, Northumberland my home, knowing I belong
Our wonderful, historic cities offer an eclectic mix of exquisite heritage and vibrant modernity; our stately homes boast some of the noblest architecture and most exquisite treasures of the civilized world, while our unspoiled countryside, resplendent with its rustic heritage, teems with wildlife.