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In diabetics, the likelihood of being rehospitalized for MI or unstable angina was increased by 26% and 14%, respectively, compared with nondiabetics.
Diabetic patients had a 26% greater likelihood of being rehospitalized for MI and a 14% increased risk of rehospitalization for unstable angina compared with non-diabetics.
According to the National Centre of Meteorology, NCM, the unstable weather will gradually subside by Monday afternoon, but chance of rain will remain over scattered areas.
As of Friday night, the impact of the unstable weather conditions is forecast to ease off, but temperatures will remain around their annual average.
This has come about because of recent landslides at o the cliff edge has become very unstable in places.
All that said, it also is possible that slow or unstable walking might be a symptom of an underlying modifiable health problem--for example, obesity and/ or diabetes--that is itself independently linked to a greater risk for cognitive impairment.
The region is going through what is locally known as "Al-Sarayat" season, known for unstable weather conditions such as sudden strong winds or dust storms, and low visibility.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this hospital based case-control study, 30 cases of acute myocardial infarction, 30 cases of unstable angina admitted to hospital in Sri Guru Ramdas Institute of Medical Sciences ad Research Hospital and 30 age, sex and haemoglobin matched healthy controls were enrolled.
In a recently published clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of unstable shoes, 40 hospital workers with chronic low back pain were randomized to unstable shoes or conventional sports shoes.
Behm and Colado (2) reported a ~30% decrease in strength or power with unstable versus stable exercise conditions.
Unstable weather conditions have been predicted by the centre from March 12 to 16, 2014.
UAE's National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology has forecasted unstable weather in parts of the country, with a chance of rain, on Tuesday and Wednesday.