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reported that re-operation was necessary in 2 patients of a series of 14 unstable fractures treated with the reverse LISS method.
Unstable fractures [2] where closed reduction and final outcome are unsatisfactory are treated by operative measures.
Simultaneously, the fracture toughness of the pipe material will also decrease over time (7), and it follows that unstable fracture will occur at a time t = [t.
Bridging external fixation and supplementary Kirschner-wire fixation versus volar locked plating for unstable fractures of the distal radius: a randomised, prospective trial.
As discussed, the initial reduction of unstable fractures of the distal radius achieved by closed reduction and Plaster of Paris (POP) cast immobilisation is difficult to maintain with this method alone.
At the brittle-ductile transition, the fracture process changed from being a fast unstable fracture with craze formation to a slow stable fracture showing ductile tearing.
In the semiductile behavior, a certain amount of stable crack propagation occurs in the sample before the onset of unstable fracture.
Conservative management of comminuted unstable fracture by plaster cast method shows high incidence of unsatisfactory results.
Friese and coworkers (43) performed a retrospective review of 96 patients with pelvic fracture and risk factors for hemorrhage (systolic blood pressure less than 100 mmHg or an unstable fracture pattern) who underwent a FAST and either operative exploration or CT scan for confirmation.
Thus the maximum load on the load-displacement diagrams also represents the load at which an unstable fracture takes over.
Not uncommonly, debate will arise in the early management of the multiply-injured patient with an unstable fracture pattern regarding the proper sequence of events.