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Randomized trial of the effects of housing assistance on the health and risk behaviors of homeless and unstably housed people living with HIV.
The other is the brittle fracture which occurs unstably with small displacement.
8S rRNA was also highly abundant but unstably expressed under environmental stresses (Niu et al.
Whether O'Hara was referencing a now-lost cutout piece on wood or, more likely, recalling an early state of Cut-Out Figure, 1948, his association of Pollock with Oldenburg highlights the odd and persistently overlooked liminality of The Store's fragmentary reliefs and objects, which hover unstably between painting and sculpture.
Other studies have found that providing housing assistance for homeless and unstably housed people with HIV improves their physical and mental health, reduces HIV transmission and dramatically cuts the use of avoidable emergency and inpatient health care.
It is draped dangerously and unstably over the edge of a bowl, with a wine pitcher underneath, three pieces of bread linked in the shape of a triangle, and a plate with a white object in which is placed a carnation.
The effects of HIV stigma on health, disclosure of HIV status, and risk behavior of homeless and unstably housed persons living with HIV.
The Tenderloin District is home to over 2,000 residents who are unstably housed, live with HIV/AIDS and have multiple diagnosed addictions.
2006 [N = 198]) found that, compared with ACT, clinical case management (a less intensive form than ACT [for example, with a client-worker ratio being 25 to 1 instead of 10 to 1]) created similar treatment outcomes among homeless or unstably housed clients with CODs.